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Glenn E. Meyer
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I think this is a serious problem. A local agency is offering a teachers shooter course. Sounds very high quality but you have bring 1000 rounds for several days. Try to get that?

The problem is panic and ammo hogs. The latter is a beast I see camped out at the stores. They buy all the ammo to flip. They don't shoot it. I tried to get some ammo for competitions at Bass Pro. Guys were there and scooped up boxes of ammo. They brought their wives to beat the limits. I asked one point blank if he shot it. He, looking down, said that he stashed it and his wife said they don't shoot.

Don't be an ammo hog. If you don't shoot much- if you have a decent supply of your SD or hunting ammo - don't buy it. Let the supply chain return to normal. If you buy to flip - I understand the free market but if you claim to support the RKBA - your 'free market' greed will help weaken the Second Amendment.

Competitions will slow. Folks who want to get into SD won't be able to.

So there is a moral defense of the RKBA that is more important than your short term profit. If you do have a reasonable stock - say 500 SD rounds, let it go for awhile.

I shoot about 300-400 competition rounds a month. I will run out soon just so some person can sit on a stash? Bah -
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