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Can’t find a comfortable carry solution for OWB carry.

Yes but I’m retired so I don’t need to put in a long day, I carry every time I leave the house and while at home I pocket carry.

I find the Shield9 a suitable choice for running to town for shopping, my G23 is my church security gun and most Sundays I put it on at 7:00 and take it off when I get home about 1:00pm

I believe in KISS for CC, that means a level 1 retention kydex OWB holster and on rare occasions a leather IWB.

There’s a lot of gimmicks being marketed to gun guys who struggle with carry and that’s why it seems the popular belief of a box full of holsters is the norm.

Not me I buy 2 holsters per carry gun, OWB, IWB money is better spent on a good leather/steel belt than gimmicks.

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