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Risk a DQ?
I think at worst, you'd be moved to "Specialty Division" if the MD wasn't certain about which division the gun belongs in.
For a major match, you should have weeks or months to get confirmation concerning the division or divisions in which the gun is legal. says the gun may not be "modified", and the OPs gun is stock, and has not been modified. You may very well run into someone who doesn't comprehend English especially well.

Not sure how "murky" the hierarchy is? Club Point-of-Contact - Area Coordinator - HQ. You can place any number of forums and websites in between, but that's where, like here, you get opinions of people who don't necessarily know any more than the OP.

I'm still not seeing the "many shooters quitting" that I keep hearing about?
At our club, 2017 has had the second highest attendance of any year since we started shooting in '01.
Runs off at the mouth about anything 1911 related on this site and half the time is flat out wrong.
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