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Originally Posted by peacefulgary posted
But in a self defense situation you will not know if you are going to be stationary until the situation is over.
In other words, you just can't plan to be stationary.
Self defense situations are fluid, dynamic.
Which is why there is a place for both a handgun AND a rifle for home defense. I have both in my bedroom and I can use either as needed.

Originally Posted by peacefulgary
And would this group of people really give you ample warning and time to retrieve your rifle, and then wait together on the front porch while one or two of them try to break down your front door?
This is pure fantasy.
Really? The funny thing is that of all my scenarios here, this is the only one that has actually happened to me. Except in this case our door was too strong and they couldn't break it down, so after a while they went away.

Originally Posted by peacefulgary posted
And how did your entire family find themselves barricaded in the master bedroom?
A criminal broke in to your home and your family instantly all ran to the master bedroom where you, with your rifle, were waiting to defend them?
Did you read my next example?

Originally Posted by peacefulgary posted
How exactly are you going to "gather your family in the middle of the night" without going room to room?
BTW, you should call the cops first.
That way, at least help is on the way regardless of whatever else transpires.
Otherwise you might get killed while trying to gather your family or while trying to retreat to the safe room, and a 911 call may never be made.
Call 911 first.
Grabbing my kids from the next room is a lot different than clearing my whole house looking for bad guys. And the first thing I'm doing is checking on my kids, I'm not going to spend precious minutes calling 911 until I know my kids are safe. If my wife calls 911, that's ideal, but I have priorities. I've had the cops take well over an hour to arrive on several occasions: I'm the first line of defense for my family, not the police.

Originally Posted by peacefulgary posted
More terminally effective?
Maybe, and maybe not.
From Vietnam to the present plenty of folks have taken multiple hits from a AR type of weapon and lived to tell the tale.
It's a good rifle system, but not really that impressive from a self defense stand point.
This is true, but that doesn't mean it's less effective than a handgun. With the right ammo a .223/5.56 is FAR more effective than any self-defense handgun round. That's really not debatable.

Originally Posted by peacefulgary posted
Penetrate less through walls?
Maybe, and maybe not.
With good self-defense ammo (ballistic-tipped hollow points) it will almost always penetrate less through walls. Look up some videos on YouTube or even try it yourself.

Originally Posted by peacefulgary posted
Easier to shoot fast and accurately?
Not necessarily.
Especially when being fired inside a home and possibly with one hand.
You're right: "not necessarily". But under most circumstances and for most people, a rifle is much easier to shoot fast and accurately. And, depending on your training, experience, and rife weight, it can be pretty easy to shoot one-handed too (but I agree it's not as easy to shoot one-handed as a handgun).

Originally Posted by peacefulgary posted
I was a soldier for six years and I am definitely familiar with the AR type rifle, and for in home self defense it is just not that great.
I was in the Marine Corps infantry for four years. I am extremely experienced, familiar, and effective with a AR-15. I'm well aware of its strengths and weaknesses, and I'm also aware that my role as a home protector is different than my role as Marine. And an AR-15 makes almost as good of a defensive weapon for me as it did as an offensive weapon.

Gary, the tone of your post seems to be implying that I'm saying a rifle should replace a handgun for home defense. I'm not saying that at all. I'm simply saying that both have their place inside the home.
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