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Deaf, you nailed it.

Texas is not Maryland or even Ohio. And certainly not CA or NYC.
There's a reason Texas courts throws lots of bad guys in jail for long times. We tend to suffer fools more harshly than other states.

When I caught 2 robbers breaking in, and the cops arrived, the first robber told the cop he wanted me arrested because I held a shotgun on him.
The cop laughed and told him he should have thanked me because "he could have legally killed both of you."
That's Texas reality.

I'm guessing most commenting on this thread haven't lived in Texas and very few have been to Lufkin / Angelina County, and fewer understand the Texas or Angelina County ethos. Trying to apply California or NYC laws or logic doesn't work here.
Lets also be even more specific. This is East Texas. The odds the victim or a bystander would be tried, much less convicted of shooting the BG are nonexistent. There are still many areas in East Texas where the BG, after making bail, might disappear or be found having mysteriously hung himself. The Klan is still a thing there.
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