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Mike, I'm not entirely certain what point you were trying to make, but every armed citizen has to "fantasize and imagine" scenarios don't cops? There's a reason that this area is referred to as Hogan alley.

Now, why doesn't everyone here have a printed copy of applicable state laws that they have studied? You can walk into hostile territory, a c store, examine your surroundings, and know what your level of risk might be.

If a crime is committed, you will know whether it is covered by stAtute. You can choose to take any appropriate action, anything from Chuck Norris to Rambo, but those actions may be scrutinized and the legal nuances my fall against the shooter.

The things I find important

Understand the situation you put yourself into and remain diligent until you leave.
Understand the situation if something happens.
Consider the need for using deadly force carefully.
Act on your best judgment, be certain in your mind that you are right.


Just a few years ago I went into a rather seedy store. As I was in there, a guy walked in, wandered around, stood and looked at scarves for a minute or so...

I was alone. The hair stood up. I dawdle, fixed a cup of coffee that I didn't even want. The guy left without doing anything but "case" the place.

I pulled my car around and waited for about ten minutes with my phone ready. Right, sure, I'm just stupid enough to dial 911 just because of a suspicious character.

I placed myself there as a witness with camera ready, and prepared to act within the limitations of my state law. I could have just run like hell and hoped that nothing would happen.
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