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Boy you are challenging my old memory!
If I remember correctly we started with our handguns loaded, safed and holstered. Shotgun slung with the mag. loaded, empty chamber, safety on. Rifle loaded and at low ready with the safety on.
From the 100, 75, and 50 yd. line you fire free-style with the rifle.
At the beep you fired one round each on five targets from the 100 yd. line, advanced to the 75 yd. line and re-engaged the same targets.
Mandatory reload, advance to the 50 yd. line and re-engage the same targets.
There is a bridge crossing the range in the 45 yd. area. As you cross the bridge you engage five staggered targets placed in front of you at various distances, one round on each as you move across the bridge. Place empty rifle on the table provided, mag out, bolt locked back, safety on. An RO will take possession and ensure the rifle is safe.
Between you and the back berm on the far left side of the range are five IDPA targets with 9" paper plates stapled to them. Cycle bolt to load chamber and fire one round on each plate with a majority of the shot on the plate or no points. If your SG only has a four round mag. you load the fifth as you need it.
Sling or carry empty, safed, bolt open shotgun and engage more targets with the handgun as you advance and cross back to the right.
This may not be exactly the COF but it's close.
The course is timed from the beep to the last shot fired. Most of us try very hard to make our shots count and slow down a little. (In my case I don't move very fast anyway).
Your heart is usually going pretty good when you finish. Many of the good pistol shooters really blow the handgun part due to hurrying at the end and being out of breath.
Safety is stressed. If you drop a firearm or do anything stupid, they stop the run.
There is no prize or award during these matches and most shooters try to do the right thing.
I hope this is clear enough and not too confusing.

Where is your match this weekend?

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