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If your going to "give it a try" don't buy anything until you do. For my first match I used a $179 dollat mossberg 500 wiht a 4 round compacity. Most of the first itmers used pump guns. For me the first match was all it took and I was hooked. My point is don't spend a ton of money to "try" a sport. I had a blast with what I had. Do a couple of matchs and see what other are using and what you think you need. In the matches I've shot you cannot gear up and be ready for every stage. Every stage you may need a different combination of holders, mag carriers, pouches etc. I get by with a cheap 6 dollar pouch I've used for trap shooting, my IPSC rig and the mec-tec speed loaders. I've seen a lot of guys show up with all the tactical gear looking like they are going to take a hill or rush some terrorists and most of it is useless. When you have to move fast and shoot you want the bare minimun on you, the last thing you want is too much if you have to go prone, shoot kneeling or whatever. You need a holster with mag carriers, some way to hold extra shotgun shells and a way to hold a spare rifle mag (a pocket will do to start). Then just show up and shoot. If you do you'll be hooked.
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