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Originally Posted by mikejonestkd View Post
Uberti and Cimarron are both made in the same factory ( owned by Beretta ). They are very similar in terms of build quality. My local smith has a slight preference for Cimarron levers for cowboy action use, and he sees many, many rifles a year. I have one of each and can't tell the difference in build quality.

Winchesters made in Japan are of excellent quality. You can't go wrong with a Miroku made 1873

Quick edit- I need to see pics of your 55 mag lever gun!!! That has to be insanely powerful!!
Thanks for that info. Because of the thread HiBC referenced, I think I'll pass on both Uberti and Cimarron.

Pity, because they make rifles with the features I like. Octagonal barrel. Color case hardening. 357 mag caliber. 1873 model.
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