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Cimarron does not make anything, they are an importer. The 'Winchester' Toggle Link rifles they sell, the 1860 Henry, the 1866 Winchester, and the 1873 Winchester, are all made by Uberti. Just like Taylors, who is also an importer, not a manufacturer.

For years Cimarron claimed their products were better than those of any other importer. Years and years of seeing these rifles in Cowboy Action shooting matches has shown most of us that the stuff offered by Cimarron is no better and no worse than any of the other importers.

Miroku of Japan makes the lever guns currently marketed by Winchester. They are of excellent quality. It should be noted though that the parts for the Miroku and Uberti made rifles are just different enough that they do not interchange. Also, there are plenty of after market parts available for Uberti rifles, particularly short stroke action parts. There are no after market parts available for Miroku rifles.
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