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Uberti vs Cimarron vs Winchester lever rifle question.

I currently own 3 lever action rifles (unless you count falling block, as well). An old all steel 308 BLR, a Henry Golden Boy in 44 mag and a pre safety Winchester 94 30/30.

I'm now looking on Gunbroker at 1873 replicas in 45 Colt and 357 calibers.

For the Winchester brand, I'm limiting the search to Miroku manufacture. Are all Winchester lever rifles made there?

I also assumed the Winchester brand is better than Uberti or Cimarron, but all three brands are priced about the same when we're talking recent manufacture.

Are they all about the same?

Would one want to stick with Winchester for nostalgia's sake?

The purpose is just for plinking at the range. Not cowboy shoots or hunting or anything like that.

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