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For me, I much prefer the G19. The 17 is a nice gun, but it's just a little too long in both the grip and barrel to make it a gun that I'd want to carry or use every day. By contrast, the slightly smaller 19 just feels better in my hand. It's the right size, top and bottom, has nice balance and it still has 15 rounds in the mag.

In my particular case, I have a 3rd Gen G19 (and its equivalent in 40, a 4th Gen G23), and I am the rare bird that loves the way the gun feels in my hand and the way that it points. I have a long hand and fingers, so I can get a full wrap around that big grip and have a full finger on the trigger. I can shoot very, very well with it, even with the OEM sights and trigger.

I should also say that I own Gen 1 M&P's in 9, 40 and 45. They all have Apex trigger parts in them. They are excellent guns, too, and I really don't have a definite preference for either the Glock or the Smiths.
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