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Best Recoil Pad?

I'm in the process of gearing up for more trap and skeet shooting after a long hiatus. I've got a good Morgan pad on my Model 12 trap gun, but none on my 1400 skeet gun, and my wife's 1100 doesn't have a pad on it, either.

I've been looking at recoil pads, both slip-on and mounted, and all seem to claim orders of magnitude recoil reduction, but prices vary widely. I'm not particularly recoil-sensitive, but a favorite shoot around here is the "Iron-Man" shoot of 250 birds, which is quite a bit of pounding, even with trap/skeet loads.

I would like to ask TFL shotgunners, what has been your experience with recoil pads in terms of recoil reduction. Which ones give you the most bang (or least thump) for your buck?

Thanks, all!
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