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Eppie, Only double stack I ever owned was a new Para P-14 Limited, I believe it was called. Nicely fitted and finsihed, Bo-Mar type rear sight,etc. Unfortunately it was not functionally reliable. Only one example,I know, but that was my first and last experience with double stack 1911s.

All of my 9MM 1911s, have been the traditional single stack. I have owned Colt, Sprigfields, Kimber and Dan Wesson 9MMs. The Colts were fine but usually took a little tuning before they were reliable. Good guns.

Factory Springfield 9MM had fitting, reliability, accuracy issues. I have a custom Springfield that is excellent, but far from stock ,so not indicative of what a NIB example would likely be.

Kimber Target II 9MM- just excellent from day one. I have owned more than one example, along with a .38 Super Tgt. II, all excellent and well worh the money IMHO. No negative issues with any of mine.

Dan Wesson- Probably the best of the production 1911 9MMs. Very well fitted and finished, quality components, evidence intrernally of competent polishing and precision fitting, reliable, accurate, no MIM, etc.

Ps, Did tried to attach a photo of my 9MM 1911s, but too big and I'm not computer literate enough to know how to make photos smaller...
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