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My open gun is on a Caspian hi-cap frame, Caspian slide, 3 port hybrid barrel, 6 port comp, C-more sight, built by Rusty Kidd of Kidd's Custom Shop in Atlanta.

This is a pretty much state of the art set-up. Rusty's newest gun, the Viper, totally redefines state of the art. It is a 6 or 7 port hybrid barrel, with a really small comp on the end, and an overall length only slightly longer than a 5" gun.

I have shot a fair number of open guns, from both well known gunsmiths and unknowns. The Viper beats them all, hands down.

I would avoid the Optima sight for now. Every one that I have used is very dim, particularly outdoors (even with the Arredondo battery pack). You don't see the top shooters using the Optima, and when money is on the line, there must be a reason. C-More is what is winning.

Rusty's work is really first rate. Exceptional accuracy, and the guns ALWAYS run!

Most open guns these days are being built on STI/SVI frames, but the Caspian is really nice, particularly if you like metal rather than plastic. Drawbacks to the Caspian, are that magazines can be difficult to locate and expensive, and the frame can feel really "clunky" in your hand unless it has been thinned by someone who knows what they are doing.

Good luck in your quest for a new open gun! If you need contact info for Rusty, let me know.

Oh, by the way, Rusty is the designer/manufacturer of the AFTEC "ACE" extractor. A superior part that should be in all 1911 pistols.

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