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Regardless, you have never had a deal with me.
You are mistaken. When the terms you offer are met, you have a contract, or a "deal". That you tried to renegotiate before you breached does not mean there was never a "deal".

THe only complaint they will find is from you and again I am stating that what you asked me to do was illegal.
Your statement is false. Producing the BATF provision and indicating that you should follow it is not a request to do something illegal.

You can change the text of my PM's and post it all you like, but I stand by my claims.
Significantly, you have never before challenged the accuracy of the above quote, even though I have noted it to you before. Do you think your recollection of your PM was better when you wrote it, or now, two years later?

Your PM language was not altered, though I did bold the relevent portion. The staff are welcome to directly view your 12-16-2005, 12:19 PM PM to me, and verify the accuracy of the quote above. It is in my queue of rec'd PMs.

Whiteroach, best of luck.

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