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SL1 beat me to it.

Since you have such low pressure signs, I also decided to look at some data other than from Hodgdon's nice, tight SAAMI minimum dimension test barrel chamber. Most real pistol chambers aren't so tight. I found no other lead or plated bullet loads, but a rule of thumb is you can load plated bullets to the middle of jacketed bullet ranges. Here are three that I found:

Nosler, 115 gr. JHP
IMR 4756
Start: 5.5 grains
Max: 6.5 grains

Lee's Modern Reloading. 115 gr. JHP
Start: 6.0 grains
Max: 6.3 grains

Hornady, 115 gr. JHP and TC
Start: 5.2 grains
Max: 6.4 grains

Note that the Nosler manual said this was the most accurate powder they tested with this bullet weight.

So, before you give up, it seems clear to me that from the middle load theory and your convincing low pressure signs, that you could work up to 6.0 grains without worrying about stripping the bullet plating, and I think that's what I would do. I would probably just go up in 0.2 grain steps, loading maybe 5 of each and watching the primer and looking for function. I'm doubting from this other data that you'll see any serious pressure sign, so just fire each 5 for accuracy and see where the smallest groups start to appear and figure you don't need to go any higher.
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