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I looked at the Hodgdon website and saw the data you referenced. (It says the data is for a lead round-nosed bullet.)

But, I also looked at old DuPont reloading pamphlets and a Hodgdon pamphlet from 2008 that show only a max load of 6.3 grains (which is compressed) with 115 grain Remington JHP bullets and Rem cases. The Dupont pamphlet used Rem 1½ primers and the old Hodgdon pamphlet used CCI-500 primers (both standard strength). COL for both is 1.110 In addition, my Hornady 8th addition manual lists 5.2 to 6.4 grains for their 115 XTP at a COL of 1.075" or their FMJ-RN at 1.100".

ALL of that other data, plus your experience with the Ranier bullet at longer COL indicates to me that your load must be underpressure. Considering these data coupled with your load performance, I think you will be able to work-up a load of SR-4756 to cycle your pistol without encountering any over-pressure problems, even if you have to go over the 5.2 grain max load in the Hodgdon on-line data.

COL is a very important pressure-determining factor for the short 9mm cartridge, so EITHER increase the charge weight OR reduce the COL by a small step in any test load. Doing both at once might get you there faster than you suspect. Another point is that SR-4756 has a reputation for varying pressure by unusually large amounts from lot to lot. So, don't automatically assume that you can't get enough in the case to cause problems just because there is some data that showes compressed loads with it were OK with somebody else's lot #.

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