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The fact seems to be (and I don't have a study to refer to) that perception creates its own reality.

There are a number of widely recognized "facts" we use to shape our opinions, about everything, really. In general conversation, citing studies and references isn't often done. However, on a board like this, when you make a claim of something as fact, you best have the "ammo" to back it up, and is best when you provide it with your claim of fact, and your reasoning why it is "proof".

Things can be real and true, without studies saying they are. And a study saying something is real and true is not a guarantee of it being real and true, only that a study said it was. Some will accept any study as the bedrock of the earth. Others are more skeptical.

Growing up in the (then, mostly) sane part of New York state, I saw a lot of open carry. Between late October and early December. Quite common, in those far off days, to see one, or even a group of people in a diner, an hour or so before dawn, wearing holstered sidearms, having coffee, or breakfast. Nobody so much as batted an eye. Permits were a requirement to own, and there was no permitted concealed carry.

Can't speak for all, but none of the people I knew or met in those days openly worried about being a target because they were carrying a pistol on their belt. Also it generally wasn't a personal defense thing, a lot of those holstered pistols were longer barreled magnums.

We make a lot of common sense assumptions, things like criminals don't obey the law, open display of valuable items makes you a potential target for theft, people being surveyed respond accurately and honestly, etc...

Lots of things. Some of them are true. Some are true in some degree. Where we differ, mostly, is in what degree is applicable, or so I believe.

Conceal carry is a deterrent. Its not a panacea. Open carry is also. And for the basic reason even bad guys don't want to be shot if they can avoid it.

I think that is common sense. Open, because its there, and shows it. Concealed, because potential attackers cannot tell who is armed, and who is not.

But, while the horns of eland might dissuade the individual hyena, they alone do little against the pack, or a single hungry lion.

And as studies show, its tough to prove a negative....

Today, other than hunters and others carrying in the back country, open carry, particularly in urban settings is seen by many as a political statement. And, it is, to one degree, or another. Even if that's not the intent of the person carrying. Perception...

We are gun people. We know not only what guns can do, but what guns ARE. The rest of the country does not know what we do. All they know is what they have been taught by generations of constant brainwashing by our entertainment industry (and in that, I include "news" reporting).

Some people go into a virtual panic if they see you wearing a gun. Interestingly, those same people can see the same guy, with the same gun, but if he's wearing a shiny piece of tin on his shirt, they don't bat an eye. Again, perception.

open carry is, I believe, a right. Its the "bear" part of "keep and bear arms". The fact that it is a right does not mean it is always prudent. I feel concealed carry is prudent, excepting those places where law forbids it.

I also believe that while studies can provide useful information for consideration, basing law or policy on them alone is a poor practice.

People lie. People in an anonymous study can lie freely, and some will. Believing what criminals say in a survey (or what teenagers say when surveyed about how often they have sex) to be the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth is a leap of faith I just cannot make.

Others, apparently can....
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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