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I live in Santa Clara County(California)

We are a May Issue State. Our Elected Sheriff's have a long history of not issuing permits to people not associated with the legal system. If you are not a judge or work for the DA's Office you are SOL. The current Sheriff even refuses to accept applications in direct violation of law. Even though it's illegal there is no way to penalize, fine or charge her with these violations.

If you want to get a permit you should investigate the 'Sheriff's Advisory Board'. It seems to be a fundraising outfit to purchase goodies for her department that normal funding cannot. Can you say illegal slush fund?
The only people not affiliated with the courts or DA's office that have CCW permits belong to this outfit.
People started Open Carrying to protest this corruption and this 'brandishing' of firearms is what frightened the public into allowing the a-hats in Sacramento into banning even unloaded open carry of handguns.
I've never been a proponent of Open Carry, but I can understand why some people do it.
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