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Pros & Cons of loading just a few in the mag.

This just popped in my head and I have not thought about it too deeply so forgive me if this is a silly question.
I was thinking in regards of carrying a mid size XD .40 or anything similar in the hot south concealed. What are the pros and cons of loading 6 or less rounds in the mag to decrease weight?
I understand the obvious ramifications like just having less rounds. But I am trying to find some that I have not thought of.
I have been through training courses that have you load different amounts and fire according to instructions for different time intervals in combat.
But in a case where it is 104 outside and your going out for the day with the family could this have more cons than pros.
Also I am not buying anything smaller anytime soon and I am aware that is an option. I am just strictly speaking with mid size in mind.
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