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If I build a big game hunting rifle that is 1 moa 5 shots all day long, I built it too heavy.

1 moa average 3 shots is as heavy as I want to build them.

But the varmint rifles I would like at .5 moa 5 shots.
Heavy gun, light bullet.
The trouble is, when and where is the wind low enough to test that?
If I get inland away from the ocean a hundred miles, and then find flat country, and then shoot at sun up.

I do go there and do that, but once or twice a year. Near Seattle with ranges opening at noon, i can count on 6 mph gusty winds.
No one, not even really good rifles cleaned every 15 shots, can do 1 moa all day long in that wind.

I know a number of guys that test rifles at 50 yards, to reduce the effect of the wind.
The word 'forum" does not mean "not criticizing books."
"Ad hominem fallacy" is not the same as point by point criticism of books. If you bought the book, and believe it all, it may FEEL like an ad hominem attack, but you might strive to accept other points of view may exist.
Are we a nation of competing ideas, or a nation of forced conformity of thought?
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