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Tried asking the doctors, but they aren't shooters and are not familiar with recoil---I've got it bore sighted, but am getting antsy about a little range time--two months, three months--? Anybody got some good advice ? John
Sight in using a "lead sled". That should be safe.
YES! No recoil on you. You can shoot it without shouldering it.

Despite the great recovery stories mentioned here, each case is different. Maybe you are fine to shoot right now. Maybe you NEED the full 3 months to properly heal before the docs are sure things won't come apart inside you. While other people may have had their surgeries and recovered quickly and fine, they didn't have your surgery and were not in your particular condition with your particular level of health, genetic traits, etc.

Unlike joint injuries, say you had shoulder surgery instead, if you tear something in our healing shoulder, you aren't apt to die, but your heart is rather critical to your survival and if you tear something on it, such as some of the repairs they did, then the quickness at which you likely will bleed out means that the injury could be fatal. There isn't any good reason to die because you wanted to sight in a gun. Buy the lead sled. You can still sight it and pull the trigger, but you won't need to shoulder the gun. Plus, there is a chance you may do a better job of it as well using the sled.
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