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I had a triple bypass ...

that involved the doctors splitting my chest bone, and it took 6 weeks for the bones to fuse back together.

But, that only enabled me to BEGIN rehab which included working out on various machines. One machine was like a bicycle that you "pedaled" with your hands, at chest level. Six weeks on the rehab machines, for a total of 12 weeks (3 months), then I could go back to work ( I was a paper pusher, i.e., a desk jockey). Nothing strenuous.

That was 15 years ago, and my most recent cardiac exam indicates my bypass grafts are "as good as they were when first completed", according to my cardiologist.

I would say after you finish your rehab (exercise) sessions, to your doctors satisfaction, you might try firing some lesser recoil rifles, but don't start out with the '06 for another month.

But, as other posters have noted, everybody heals at a different pace.

Good luck with it.
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