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I wanted to mount a better scope on my Marlin model 60 than the dovetail would allow. I like you I didn't want to use an adapter that would raise the scope to high to get the scope tight to the barrel for both looks aswell as accuracy.

I went a different direction. I drilled and taped the top of the dovetail for scope mounts. This would work for you too. After you have drilled and taped for the sccope mounts, get a set of shoot through scope mounts. You would be able to use both open sights and scope.

I thought about doing that myself after seeing some of the lower profiled mounts avail. Anyway just something to think about.

On a side note, if you choose to go this route use a drill press and drill press vise, and make sure the gun is level (goes without saying but I said it anyway). Also it is a good idea to to strip the receiver to keep from having metal shavings fall into the inner working of your gun.

hope this helps

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