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Hunting Blind Help

I am new to hunting,and this is only my 2nd season hunting.I was just given a hunting shanty,it is maybe 4x4 feet by 5 feet tall,has three shooting slots,carpet on the floor,padded rests,its camo painted.I will be putting it on private land,but does anyone here put orange on thier blinds?There was a man shot and killed just a few miles away from where I hunt,and his blind was hidden,not to mention that he was wearing all brown.Should I put orange on my blind?Are deer colorblind?And back to the shot man story,a woman was hunting near him,she shot at a deer and the bullet hit a tree and ricocheted into his blind.She heard him and ran to help him,he was wearing no orange(which is state law here)And guess what,she was charged with a crime,and she is not in prison only because the family didnt press more charges.Now she has to be on probation and speak at all the hunter's ed courses for 2 years.I think it is total injustice.She did everything right,she shot a deer and the bullet hit a tree.It was just one of those tragic accidents no one could prevent.
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