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I have been detained for refusing to answer questions, like "Where are you going?" and "Where are you coming from?"

I absolutely will not answer any questions of this nature and simply state that I will not discuss my whereabouts or answer any further questions. This has never really gone over very well in the few instances it's come up, but that's the way it is.

I did have one officer get quite irritated with me for politely refusing to answer his questions, he became obviously irritated and began raising his voice at me, when he asked me again "WHERE ARE YOU GOING?" I answered with "Anywhere I GD well please!" Fortunately there were other officers there who were much more professional and apparently of higher rank than this guy.

Most of this comes from legal advice that I have paid actual $$ for, basically I was told to never, ever, answer police questions, no matter how meaningless or insignificant you think your answer is, ANYTHING you say at any time can and will be used against you.
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