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23.0 grains H110 + 240 grain XTP+ magnum primers+ firm roll crimp= awesome general purpose load.

H110 is a SLOW powder.
The big difference is that is requires magnum primers, and it's sloooooowwwww burning, so that the bullet spends longer in the barrel, and pressure doesn't build up as quickly, therefore, more effective.
I know that power pistol and blue dot need a certain level of pressure to get a complete burn. H110 does too, but since it gets magnum primers, has more time to burn, is a ball powder with a lot of surface area, the case is usually at least 3/4 full, and since you can't reduce it below a starting load, it gets a pretty good consistant burn for such a slow powder.
H110 isn't very cheap because it's heavy and fills the case full, but for accuracy and consistancy, it's my go to powder for .44 mag, esp. for my snubbies.
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