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Minimum I used to run that shot a decent group at 25 yards (1.5" range) was the Hornady 240 grain swaged lead semi-wadcutter over 4.4 grains of Bullseye. 240 grain cast bullets work well, too, and lead less.

For a maximum, I would use about any 240 grain softpoint over 24 grains of either 296 or H110 (Hodgdon's techs assure me they are the same powder from the same plant, shipped in differently labled drums). This is the Winchester factory load for this round, and I've shot a goodly number of them. I would avoid the temptation to go to much heavier bullets in the 29; too many screws to get loose. The one exception would be the exceptionally accurate 250 grain Sierra truncated cone. Over 23 grains of H110 it is a tack driver, but will not have quite the energy of the 240 grain load. It will run the same safe peak pressure.

At these original factory level loads, the 29 is one of the more comfortable shooting magnum revolvers in my experience. I own the somewhat beefier Ruger Redhawk, but don't care for the fatter grip frame on it. The single actions, like the Super Blackhawk, slip my grip too easily.

I must need larger hands. I'll keep an eye on the Health Channel's news for such medical developments.


Edit: I just looked up the Sierra. It is part of their Tournament Master brand; #8615. They call it a 250 Gr. FPJ, which I presume stands for Flat Point, Jacketed. To me "flat point" is an oxymoron. It is a truncated conical section on a cylindrical section.
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