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Originally Posted by jamaica View Post
"You use a chrono for more than bragging rights on how fast it is going."

I must ask: Why do you shoot?

Once we have the answer to that question, we may better understand if we need a chrono.

I grew up on a farm out in the boonies. Dad had two guns, a 30-30 long tom and a single shot 22. He was not one to waste ammo shooting paper. When he took down a gun it was to go get rid of some pest or to put some meat on the table. You made every shot count. When I was about 12 he had a bunch of ground squirrels that had clipped about an acre of his one field of alfalfa. He took down the 22 and handed it to me and a box of shells and said: "Go kill those D......... squirrels." I confess, I did not get them all but did reduce their numbers so he could get a crop. When the deer season rolled around Dad would grab the 30-30 and go get on the horse and head up the canyon. A while later he would return with a deer tied on the saddle. The guns were tools to protect what was ours and to obtain food.

I certainly never said your way was wrong or not workable, so understand that, I only said there is a better way. I grew up shooting squirrels with my pellet gun to protect the garden, and it was my primary form of fund raising ($0.25 each)... but I would have been better at it with some training in selection of pellet and best count of pumps. The OP asked a specific question...

“cut down on costs as I try to hit the range as often as possible to build up my accuracy.”

The way to do that is get data, not shoot more. And not shoot less to make every bullet count for meat. I’m only saying, there is a better way, not the only way.

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