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Originally Posted by stagpanther View Post
I like the idea behind the 25 gpc that shadow mentioned since I already like the 6.8 spc case in AR's and have already put together some wildcats from the parent case. And my "plain ol" 6.8 spc barrel from ARP is a fabulous shooter for an AR. I also built a 25-45 from a Sharps barrel when they first came out, it's pretty much a "one trick pony"--but it does that one trick extremely well.
I thought about the 25-45 sharps as well. But didn't think it was worth mention. Rather than one trick pony I would say very limited scope of use. Also, I did not hear much about it when it came out, and have heard nothing since, figured it pretty much died out.

Another consideration might be the 300 Ham'r. It's proprietary from Wilson combat. Similar to 300 blackout. But rather than focusing on subsonic performance with heavy bullets, it was designed to duplicate 30-30 ballistics in an ar platform for medium game hunting. Not sure if it lives up to that, but an interesting concept. I suspect it will die out though.
I don't believe in "range fodder" that is why I reload.
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