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Okay, I'm not sure what those two comments have to do with your comments regarding bears not fearing the sight nor sound of a Shockwave, which was what I was referring to, but no matter...

No, I have not shot the Shockwave while holding it up at eye level while loaded with Brenneke Black Magic Magnum 3" Shells. However, it can be done, and I do intend to do it myself. Although I cannot stress enough that if fired that way then one must employ a firm grip in which one pushes forward on the pump while pulling backward on the grip in order to brace it.
Also, Full Disclosure: I am an amateur bodybuilder with a daily workout routine, but if older gentlemen like Hickock45 who clearly aren't bodybuilders can do it, then I don't think that such is a requirement to shoot it that way.
Furthermore, I strongly recommend that anyone who hasn't shot the Mossberg 590 Shockwave or similar PGO Scattergun start off with ordinary 2.5" Shells and shoot it using the aforementioned method of tucking the end of the grip between their bicep and pectoral when firing it. Again, there is most certainly a learning curve when it comes to shooting such a firearm and attempting to sprint before you have learned to walk upright will most likely result in injury.

Last but not least, the Mossberg 590 Shockwave's receiver is drilled and tapped, so you can attach a picatinny rail as well as various sighting accessories to make it easier to aim accurately without needing to hold it up in front of your face, and if you intend to use it for Bear Defense, then I would recommend something like a Laser Sight in order to facilitate faster, more accurate shooting, without the need to hold it up and attempt to firmly grasp it while using the itty bitty brass bead sight at a charging bear.

I would like to think that these things are common sense, but on the off chance that they are not or otherwise someone decides to denigrate me because I didn't mention them in my already lengthy posts on the subject, here they are.
Conspiracy theorists are the greatest political spin-doctors of all time. Only they can make the absolute worst political blunders sound like spectacular feats of ingenuity.

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