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I just watched a program on the Outdoor network on this latest ammo shortage. The CEO from one of the major factory ammo manufacturers claims that they and the rest of the ammo manufacturers are doing everything they can to get supply caught up to increasing demand. Seems reasonable that they would want to produce all the product they can at the high prices they are getting to increase their profits. It’s quite possible that this is being staged, but if the empty mfg. warehouses I saw are to be believed, the supply chain on the manufacturing end is stripped to the bone, and this CEO claims that ammo is shipped out the day after it is produced, none of it is being inventoried at the production end of the supply chain.

I can buy a maximum of 2 boxes at a time of 9mm and .45 ACP at a price that is higher than I want to pay, but I’m still willing to buy it albeit at lower quantities than I’m used to buying. I compare this to the gasoline I put in my car, which also costs more than I want to pay so I’m not doing much joyriding and I don’t want to put the car up on blocks either.
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