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one of the flaws in our system is the political appointment of people to head departments and agencies of the govt.

All too often they don't have a solid understanding of what they are being appointed to manage. Rarely do they have any understanding of the more technical aspects.

Of course, the argument is that they don't need that, there are people underneath them who know those things.

And, to a degree, this is true, BUT, leadership, for good or ill, comes from the top down.

In a better world, no one with a personal political agenda (in any direction) would be in charge of any group who's purpose is to impartially enforce the law. (and I include courts in that)

Sadly, that's not what we have.

So, celebrate the victory of common sense, its rare, but it does happen sometimes. Just be aware that the person offered next as a replacement could be just as bad, or even worse, just not as obvious about it...
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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