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I was discussing this with a friend and he brought up a point I had overlooked, and a valid one, I think.

And that is that the OP is using an 1873 action rifle. Now, its modern steel, so its quite a bit better than the originals, but the old toggle lock up design of the 73 just isn't as strong as more modern designs, like the Win 92 or the Marlin 1894.

Should do fine with any regular factory level .357 load today, BUT when handloading, I'd approach the heavier loads with caution, and at the first sign the rifle isn't completely happy, I'd stop, back off a bit, and call that the working max.

Every gun will not be happy with every load in the book. Some aren't happy with book loads that used the same make & model test gun. Some guns shoot loads faster than the test guns, others slower.

Sometimes, the listed starting load turns out to be a gun's max right there. I've seen it with a .357. Its not common but it does sometimes happen, and you won't know about it, until it does.

Remember every load and every gun is a unique special combination of factors. Most of the time things line up the same way and we get the usual results. But, every now and then, things line up in just the right way to produce very atypical results.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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