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Walther G43

A while back I picked up an ac44 G43 that was an all matching number rifle with a perfect shiny bore. It even had a nice original magazine. The only trouble is that sometime in the past a previous owner had sanded the original stock to death and pretty much turned it into firewood.

I was able to find an aftermarket stock for it, but even though the sellers picture showed a laminated stock, like the originals what I got was one made from one piece of European Birch. I did get a partial refund on the price from the seller and I am not unhappy with what it cost me.

While it will work, I am not all that happy with the look of it and I am looking for a more correct looking laminated stock and handguard. A reproduction stock would be okay, but I am having a dickens of a time finding one for sale.

There is an outfit that has an original, but they basically want a grand for it and if it included the matching handguard for that price, I might even be desperate enough to buy it. Without the matching handguard, it would just look kind of off no matter what I did.

Then there is the guy in Poland that makes the best copy of the original stocks, but his website is doing wonky things right now and I can't seem to get ahold of him via email. In addition I have heard that he is currently a year out for delivery due to being swamped.

So in desperation I am throwing out to the internet to see if there is anyone that knows of a laminated single lug G43 stock and handguard for sale. I am willing to pay a fair price for one, but on the other hand, I am not willing to finance the sellers retirement either.

If anyone has a possible lead on one, please PM me and I will get back to you ASAP.

Here is what I started with. Not shown is the ill fitting rubber recoil pad that was on it when purchased:

Here is it as it looks today. the scope is an original WWII ZF4, but the mount is a reproduction:
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