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If the primers are not being reseated, I'd say your loads are too light, but since you've used them for years in other guns without this issue, its a puzzler, and must be something specific to that gun and ammo combination.

And, I assume, when you say "the gap is too tight" and primers you are talking about the gap at the rear of the cylinder, not the barrel cylinder gap.

technically, since it works with normal factory ammo, and only seems to malfunction with your light reloads, there's nothing "wrong" with the gun.

Talk to Ruger, they may be able to figure it out and fix it. Or they may not, since it does work with standard ammo. Worst case is they turn you down. they may want to see the gun to check if it meets factory specs. If its out of spec, they will fix it.

You may be charged for the repair, you might not, I don't know. Ruger stopped issuing a written warranty some years ago, but they make a point of saying "we stand behind our guns" so talk to them and see what they recommend.

Good Luck.

Alternately, you could simply stop using that ammo in that gun and use what works correctly...just sayin...
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