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Originally Posted by JustJake View Post
Agree with the 10mm dominating for "field use" (camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting sidearm, etc.).

For concealed EDC where it's a 9mm, the compact micro models seem to be the dominant trend right now. That could change, however, if there's ever a federal 10-rd limit (re-)imposed on pistol magazine capacity.

Under the last "Hi-Cap mag" ban (1990s), the trend was clearly toward concealable smaller guns with mags holding 10-rds of Big Bullets: 45acp & 10mm, or .40, but not 9mm.
If a 10 rd limit comes back I don't think people are going to suddenly up and decide to buy a .45 over a 9mm. The ammo being almost twice the price being a major reason.
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