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So far hard to beat the advice already given. That said I'll add that I have a multitude of Lee molds in various calibers.

For the 9mm I like the 6 cavity 356-120 TC & 356-125 2R. Those both shoot great out of several pistols and can be lubes however you feel up to doing it. The Lee .357 or .358 sizing dies work great.

For the .38 cal, I really like the .358-125 & 158 RF in the 6 cavity versions. Same as above they can be lubed however you feel you want to do it. I've shot all of the listed TL'ed, conventional, and powder coated.

Most of the alloy I use starts off as around a 1/3/96 or thereabouts. I blend in some tin and/or pure for HP'S but usually pour my solids with it straight. I air cool everything so as to try and keep the BHN on a good average.

To date with both calibers, and using Carnuba Red and PC I have run all of the above bullets to top end velocities with no ill effects. Your milage may vary.
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