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Lee molds typically drop a couple thousandths over stated diameter. Sometimes, they drop notably larger, and/or out of round.
For example, if you bought a .359" mold, I would expect the bullets to drop at .360" to .361". But it is well within Lee's typically quality level for them to drop at say, .359" x .363" -- out of round.

Accurate Molds makes a far better product. Materials are better. Tolerances are better. Longevity is better.
But one major factor to keep in mind is that Accurate's entire catalog is custom designs. They are not standard bullets. Even if it is a common design and based on a popular, established cast bullet, the design in the catalog was submitted by a person that had a specific application.
Just because "it's a 9mm bullet" doesn't mean that it will be a good 9mm bullet for your application.

At last count, I believe I have 21 designs in the Accurate catalog. Some were for my own amusement or experimentation, some were special applications, some were for other people and their special applications.
Not one of them is very useful outside of the original application. Some *could* be used by the general public for certain common applications, but other designs would be a better idea.

I do not think it would be a bad idea to get your feet wet with Lee molds and go from there.
Learn what you can. Learn what matters. Learn what you need to know before upgrading to a better mold.

The overwhelming majority of my molds are NOE - whether production molds, group buys for molds that fit my needs, or group buys where I had some influence on the bullet's design.
And I have a fair number of Accurate Molds and Mountain Molds (out of business now).
They're good molds and I like them.
But I also have Lee molds that get regular use when I am casting. (Comes in fits and spurts every few years.)
Don't even try it. It's even worse than the internet would lead you to believe.
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