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How much over sized are moulds?

Ok, I m hoping to get set up to start casting next month (august 2021)

I'm planning on the Lee mould's so I can tumble lube, just easier and faster starting out.

I am planning to cast for 9mm and 38/357

I only have calipers, but I slugged the 9mm barrel at .356

and for my 38/357 a .358 bullet will pass through the cylinder throat, a .359 bullet will not

So as I understand it I will need .357 for 9mm and .359 for 38/357 for a proper fit.

If I order moulds in .356 for 9mm and .358 for 38/357 they will be over sized right? And I will need to size them down? how much bigger will they be? will I be able to size them to .357 and .359 or will them be too small coming out of the mould?

Really appreciate the help. It has been a bit of a learning curve, especially with the revolver.
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