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Unclenick is spot on , CFE pistol in my experience is pretty slow burning powder . This results in it liking heavier for cartridge bullets . It would do 147gr much better then 115gr . I had/have the same issue with CFE-pistol and I almost stopped using it . Scorched case mouths and it burning hotter ( heat hot ) then other powders heating up my barrels faster concerned me for awhile but I've grown to really like CFE pistol . It meters really well , you get pretty good velocities and is generally economical . It replaced HS-6 as my slower burning , best for heavier bullets and higher velocities powder in pistol loads . If I want super clean burning I use Titegroup but considering switching to Bullseye . However I still have 3 or 4 pounds of Titegroup and that stuff is SUPER economical so it should take me several to many years to use that up before any switch .
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