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My Scheels experience, and you, you young pup, (says Dalea lapsing into an old geezer wheeze), I was shopping at Scheels in Fargo when they had a going out of business sale at their downtown store and everybody thought Scheels was done fer,...

was last January at their Fargo store (a marvelous new BIG store in Fargo) when they put out an absolute boat load of Remington 115 grain 9mm in 250 round bulk packs that filled up about 2/3 of their handgun ammunition shelves and was selling for about $87 a box. Note: there was NO other handgun ammunition on the shelves, just the Remington 9mm.

I and a few others looked at all that ammo and said "eh, well if it's AVAILABLE I guess I don't need any right now (I didn't) and we walked away mentally adding $87 (I rounded up to $100) to the amount we could morally add to our next gun purchase. Oh those mental games we play with our selves.

Anyway a couple weeks ago I stopped by the same Scheels and yeah, the handgun ammunition shelves were totally empty so I guess the ammo shortage is not over but I still don't regret NOT buying the 9mm 'cause there's a Ruger Redhawk revolver at a local guns store I'm lusting after and the SA Hellcat sure looks neat, and Ruger (I am an admitted Ruger fan) has a MAX-9 out ... to paraphrase one of the frequent contributers on this site, "Life is Interesting".
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