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I think that this is the greatest collection of advice that I can recall reading. I like to try and maintain that sort of consciousness, and I have learned to recognize a lot of or even most of the signs that someone is possibly an aggressive or criminal type. The next and even more important step is to learn how to do all of this with a casual appearance and attitude so that one doesn't become exactly what he is looking for. Furtively swinging eyes back and forth while staring at or closely observing another is almost certain to gather attention as well.

There are obviously going to be people who dive in here and criticize the whole idea of closely observing the people who surround you because of invasion of their privacy, the possibility of making them mad, or even being mistaken for a hoodlum by the others who are nearby.

Maintain an open and neutral expression. Keep your head high and body erect, and body open. glance around without ever landing your eyes on any particular face or staring. If a person allows himself to present aggressively, he will stick out like an angry dog. the plan is to look neutral and gray, not powerful and threatening, nor sappy and vulnerable.
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