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They claim the following five laws would have done it.
If the laws against murder (which we have had as long as we have had laws) doesn't stop murder, how is it sensible that other laws will stop murders???

The LA Times using a database from "The Violence Project" concludes that if all the "common sense" gun control laws had been in effect the vast majority of mass shootings (about 87%) since 1966 could have been prevented.
Notice the "out" built in to the conclusion. "COULD have been prevented". Not would but could. Which means "might", which means literally, they are guessing.

What gun control law (current or proposed) COULD have prevented the largest mass murder in recent history? NONE. Because no guns were used!

Posting a list of wants and saying they COULD have done X is like saying we COULD prevent drunk driving and hit and run if only we had more speed limits and seatbelt laws...

We COULD also fly to the moon by flapping our arms really, really hard, but so far, no one has done it..

They seek to boggle the mind with numbers, seeming to create the impression of sense and reality but they have NO FACTS, and cannot have. Claiming that is simply LYING.

Do not accept their bovine excrement at face value, do not accept it at ANY value, because it has none. Sadly, far too many people will, and think they are right doing so.
All else being equal (and it almost never is) bigger bullets tend to work better.
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