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Originally Posted by Petersburg View Post
My LMT MWS .308 delivers a .37" MOA five round group with Prime Ammo 175SMKs at 100 yards, and holds that accuracy out to at least 500 yards. I've not been able to shoot it any further than that.
I don't think that's possible, in my opinion. That's not going to happen. Too many variables in the ammo, atmosphere and shooter.
Even if his LMT MWS's accuracy wasn't '.37" MOA' as claimed, it's main down-side is that it becomes a weighty beast with a scope mounted, bipod, sling, and loaded mag. I've got the LMT LM8 which is supposedly the lighter trimmer variant. It ain't, not really.

My iron-sighted .308 M1 Garand, slung and loaded with a full clip of 7.62 ball, is lighter.
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