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In fact, I'm thinking of trying something like putting a big ziplock bag over the receiver as I remove the safety if possible to minimize the odds of losing it in the event that it tries to eject itself into orbit.
You're on the right track. best way to ensure no little parts take off is to make your own "glovebox". Start with a pair of suitable gloves (kitchen dishwashing gloves will do in a pinch) and sheet plastic. make the bag from sheet plastic and tape, cut holes for the gloves, and tape them to the bag as well. Get a little fancy and use a piece of clear plastic for a window for better vision. Again, cut a hole for it and then tape it to the bag.

bag sealed (taped) to the gun on both ends of the work area.

beats the heck out of trying to fine a tiny part lost in the carpet on the other side of the room...

Good luck
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