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I’m telling you right now, if Virginia relies on the normal electoral process to address this, they are never going to regain their 2A rights short of some fantasy SCOTUS win 50+ years in the future, maybe,

You’ve got 90% of VA counties that oppose gun control and yet the gun control people control every level of government.

Here in Texas, deep in pro-2A and conservative territory, we are no better. Our Lt. Gov., Dan Patrick, who was elected on the entire premise that the rest of the the Texas GOP were compromising moderates, is now willing to sell us out on UBCs. And he controls the entire legislative agenda of the Texas legislature.

In my view, we are seeing a very cynical but accurate representation of what can be achieved if you have Bloomberg cash and goals. And by the way, Bloomberg is now tied with Warren for third position behind Sanders and Biden in the Dem primaries.

The only reason to hold off a fight is because you think your position will improve. Go back and read what I’ve written here over 20 years and tell me our position will improve. I want to believe you so it won’t be a hard sell.

The people pushing these laws believe you’ll lie down and show your belly; but they don’t have the means to back it up,. And if you do lie down, then you deserve what is coming next - and it isn’t enhanced enforcement against long time violent criminals.

I’m arguing on the same side as the ironically named AntiFa (which is the most fascist organization I’ve seen). If that isn’t a sign of the Apocalypse, I don’t know what is.
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