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Originally Posted by jmhyer View Post
In my personal experience, the two clip holster is much more stable and comfortablethan single clip models for IWB carry at the 3:00-4:30 position.

I agree with this guy; although I’ve never used a single-clip holster but when I was carrying IWB, that wider holster with the two clips seemed to be about as stable as you could get, but I’m sure the trade-off with it, is that it adds more bulk between you and your pants, making it probably somewhat a little more uncomfortable. But, I don’t feel you’d need as stiff of a gun belt with that wider holster. Although I will add- if I had had a stiffer gun belt at the time, I might not have had to cinch the belt down as tight to hold my jeans up as I did with a much floppier belt than I use now while carrying OWB. Don’t know because I never tried it but I will also add that that’s pretty much why I quit carrying inside the waistband because I had to cinch my belt down so tight... and that was even when I was using a very lightweight little sub-compact Ruger 9mm.

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