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Maverick Tac O/U: Major problem, especially on a gun sold as " tactical and home defense", is that they used a sporting type trigger that has this pendulum thing in the group that swings down and blocks it from firing when the gun is pointed down too far. So, if..say.. you're at the top of a flight of stairs and a bad-guy is coming up at you... your gun won't go bang if you point it down at an angle to take care of your problem. I wish I could find the thread I found about the trigger, the person even took it apart to show the pendulum blocking device in action. But if you are at the store handling one, ask the clerk if you can test it out.. point down 45 degrees and try to pull the trigger.. you will see. NOT something you want to find out in an emergency.
I was going to write the same thing. They should write this in bold letters on the box so people don't get stuck buying one not knowing it.

I guess if you go to the VP Biden school of tactics it doesn't really matter though because it'll fire in the air without issue.
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